fifa coins trader Slovenia after patiently waiting for 79 minutes

In first half to 00 stuffy and Hou,fifa coins trader both in second half are strengthened has attack, was surprised of is, game 79th minutes, Algeria team goalkeeper Cha Aoqi again face each other of longshot Shi appeared has and England goalkeeper Green also of errors-Slovenia team players Keren in front 20 m Department right feet tuishe far post, face this remember power and angle are not very ideal of shooting, Cha Aoqi select has a was quite sense accident of ball hand type, results ball in he before rebound zhihou from its arm side slipped into has goal, 10, Slovenia after patiently waiting for 79 minutes, and finally the lead. From slow lens displayed see, in Keren shooting of when, Cha Aoqi of sight and no was too big of effects, just ball in flight of process lower pendant play to, this sudden of changes let received player type itself on not specification of Cha Aoqi fundamental cannot made second reaction, only watch to see with ball from arm side slipped into behind of goal game for to subsection 73 minutes Shi, Bahr-el-Ghazal because deliberately handball and eat to has game in the personal of second Zhang yellow was sent off field, this also let he "privilege" Become the fastest tournament date is out-the first he only spent 18 minutes on the pitch. And this field game also created has other multiple "first": 10 of score let Slovenia made has its in World Cup finals circle in the of first field victory, while also pressed England, and United States, standings the group first; game began Qian, was FIFA Board to task of Chile main referee Hasa is in warm-up Shi injured, eventually had to by from Guatemala of main referee Carlos. Batres temporary replacement he of location, this is this World Cup first times appeared soldiers replaced referee of situation;





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