fifa ultimate team coins World Cup

The World Cup is approaching and each of the participating countries have been released after 23 Squad, then sent a letter to the Club hope that the winning players reported to the national team as soon as possible. Korea national team yesterday announced the 23-man squad,fifa ultimate team coins evergrande Defender Jin Yingquan WINS. Then Korea FA sent letter to constant big, requirements Jin Yingquan in and Hangzhou Greentown game Hou back preparing for World Cup on this, constant big has refused to Korea team of requests, said must kicked finished May 26 and Guoan game zhihou to release gold British right, and this is meet FIFA provides of May 7 Korea World Cup list determines zhihou, Korea FA sent letter constant big club, said Jin Yingquan has determines selected team, Hope evergrande will release after the May 18 game against Hangzhou Greentown Jin Yingquan returned to preparing for the World Cup in accordance with FIFA regulations, such as the World Cup competition, clubs must release players back into the national team preparing for two weeks in advance. Brazil World Cup on June 13 opener, so at this time, hengda just before the May 28 release Jin Yingquan.





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