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Web on June 30 in the East: Beijing time on July 1 at 0 o'clock in the morning, 2014 Brazil World Cup one-eighth-finals a focus of war began in the National Stadium in Brasilia, fifa 15 coins for xbox 360 France and Nigeria for a direct contest's top 8 places. Both sides have finished the scoring in the first half, the score 0-0 tie for the time being the two teams had never played at international level is stage, at the international level a also played only 1 time in the history of the game in 2009, in a friendly, the Nigerian team defeated the Gallic Rooster with akepala scored 1-0. In the history of the World Cup, France team and African teams 4 times, with a result of 2 WINS and 2 losses, 1998 France World Cup 3-0 win over South Africa, 2006 Germany World Cup 2-0 win over Togo; 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup 0-1 defeat to Senegal, 2010 South Africa World Cup 1 and 2 South Africa. Since the 1994 World Cup for the first time after the Nigerian team, were playing against European teams 10 times, with a result of 5 WINS, 2 draws and 3 defeats. This World Cup France team with 2 WINS and 1 tie grades to group break through in the first place from group e, while the Nigerian team 1 win 1 draw 1 defeat to second in the Group's status from fBreakthrough compared to the last game in the Group's line-up, France game adjustments to the lineup: crossing the line debixi and Patrice Evra replaces Bacary Sagna and Palace respectively, as left and right fullback, Guevara colitis healed within to replace Nicolas and Laurent koscielny partner centre. Cabaye suspension lifted, replaced the Schneiderling and pogba and matuyidi composed of three in midfield; striker gelieziman replaced by waerbuaina, benzemala, Sissoko understudy Giroux served as offensive a bridgehead. Nigerian team in this game just 1 turnover, playing wrist fracture Babatunde was replaced by Moses after 5 minutes, waerbuaina out of the front left corner, Giroux road, outflanking header has no top, the ball flew out of the left side of the bottom line. The first 10 minutes, Benzema midfield passing being broken, the Nigerian team fought back, aimeinike aonaqi pass, right foot shot outside the area is physically damaged by cabaye after 12 minutes, cabaye and defend, kick aimeinike, Nigeria pulls back when Moses to leave your ball point, aimeinike header. 1 minute later, Nigeria's lower back aonaqi at the back and front of pogba physical contact occurs when the ball fell to the ground, by the doctors to play after treatment continued into the game. The first 15 minutes, Benzema left wing cross, Giroux road, outflanking turned left-foot shot hit the ball high. The first 17 minutes, and matuyidi foul ball before the penalty area, Nigeria won the edge free kick on the right, Mikel transverse wave, blasting aimeinike right foot higher. the cheapest price of the fifa 15 coins online seller with safe and fast delivery site:! On 19 minutes, Moussa left wing cross, and aimeinike points before poking the ball into the right foot, but the linesman signaled offside goal 22ndMinutes, France midfielder fought back, waerbuaina right side sent a diagonal pass from pogba road flanked right foot volley was saved by Enye Mare. After 1 minute, the Nigerian team out of the front left corner, Guevara cleared the ball, outside the box, right foot shot was blocked by Defender aonaqi. On 28 minutes, pogba right foot shot outside the area, the ball hit Defender blocked. The first 30 minutes, aodemuwenji aimeinike cross, the edge of their shot was parried by mavalane right after 33 minutes, Evra front cross from the left, Giroux road header not hit, debixi Dain the box shot in his right foot sent the ball flying. The first 39 minutes and matuyidi midfield ball fought back, waerbuaina the penalty area right flank cross, right foot volley ball debixi. The first 44 minutes, aimeinike the penalty area before suddenly shot in his right foot while dribbling, Loris clawed it away out. 2 minutes in injury time of the first half, but no contribution, half war than is divided into 0-0 France (4-3-3): 1 Loris/2 debixi 4, Guevara, 21, Patrice Evra, 3/19 cherniy pogba, 6, cabaye, 14, matuyidi 8, waerbuaina 10, Zema, 9-JI Lu





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