fifa coins PS4 the World Cup due to injury

Missed the opener after an extra rest, ASO has gear up for battle of life and death: "everything I have done what I must do, do not waste any second of fifa coins PS4 rehabilitation time is now hundred percent recovery, training with the team again, and feel good. I never lost my desire for the game, I would never think I'd missed the World Cup due to injury. "The business of ASO in the Premier League and straight talk on the British Sun cooked the way:" I know all the people in England, including Liverpool teammates and other players in the Premier League. Their defense has a weakness, we can take advantage of. If we want to qualify, they will have to play our style, the whole team looking to help the team move on. ”

Group c battle tomorrow morning, is also "" aligned first battle defeated Japan and Greece must win the World Cup-anterior. Overall performance on the blue Samurai battle with politeness, in the face of offensive and defensive average Greece can watch half a line. Japan core Ji Tianma agreed that speed into the critical: "Greece defended well well, the outcome is critical to as soon as possible into the wave, line so they need to be pushed forward so that we can play more aggressive. ”

Japan defeated short three minute went against Côte d ' Ivoire-2:1 qualifying for worrying. This fight will have to beat Greece, began qualification opportunities. But Japan never rude, just to keep the ball at the feet, Keisuke Honda and Kagawa more offense to complement, not difficult to tear Greece defense. Keisuke Honda play lose key: "we too easily losing possession of the ball on, led in the first half and consumed an inordinate amount of physical strength. So when we keep the ball, you want to do is not easily hand over possession of the ball; once lost possession of the ball, we want to close down immediately. ”

Ivory Coast apparently has not used 433 men, playing against WINS Japan 2:1, but Veteran striker Didier Drogba fell before closing, without breaking the law, it is obvious "wow" still matter. Even so, coach Lin Mazhi is satisfied with the status of the team, suggesting opportunities for micro-, Defender k Duni continued as a backup, "wow" is power forward continues to be replaced by Bonnie and slave partner Xie Yun, may well be left to competition late fall game and then bombarded the defence. To implement this strategy after the left front bucket, y Duni elephants midfielder, striker, Xie Yun slavery could be seen playing and compete with State Golden brother army, will become the key to victory or defeat "Warcraft" Didier Drogba is backing disappointed: "I do not deny that, not being selected was disappointed. But I will respect and support for those who are playing team-mates. When I fall, I only wanted to help the team win. Obtain a first win is very important: If this victory win over Colombia, will qualify to be very favourable. ”





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