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Yesterday morning Spain and lost one, can early set tickets returned to home, "red cattle" group game out does Department a accident, as lost wave causes certainly has many factors, which only General have attack well General have keep, on Department maximum mortally wounded, may does years "fifa coins for ps3" strong is too sheng, so on live any team are Department pressure live opponents me attack, thus ignored defensive importance, encountered opponents fast counterattack, seems to is nothing, Parry weak. So any a top team in the world, is perfect, and nowadays football regardless of the ever-changing tactics and deployment. Points are good, out fait accompli, hopes last one on live "" kicked Encores good wave tomorrow morning e group has field topped war, by Switzerland on France, both opener are can beat opponents, Switzerland anti-WINS Ecuador does won very has shipped, situation Shang occupies well to any count, always players overall quality still not to European line team location though a small posted scholar everyone, Switzerland coach xisifeite has always been count is fine, well excluded this war will slightly made left force, beats last one war strength weaker post Honduras. France strength is in Switzerland, plus the first man with the opponent, full of morale, France hemispheres

/A ball, holds "Gao Luxiong chicken" at least can practice half disc ignoring go chicken missed South Africa World Cup of Ecuador success returned to finals week battlefield, first battle met Shang Switzerland bucket to finished field Qian only was Shi Fei Luoyu scored winner ball, "food Ginkgo" Hou this battle more important, after all last one to hard shake was considered e group strength most strong of France, this battle must let go a beats. By effectiveness United of Valencia hold, again gang took near two battle are has into ball of e Valencia, main, to defensive capacity more weak of Honduras defence police procedurals, target full take three points experience opener of reversed, Ecuador coach radar told all will out of haze: "we has no time to sad, front has has another one events waiting we, everyone to continues to forward, Honduras has good of organization capacity, this battle will will is fierce. ”





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