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Brazil with its main goals from central defender Thiago Silva and daweiluyisi, to 2:1 out of Colombia through to semi-finals. Brazil captain, Defender Thiago Silva is suspended, while the Brazil Football Federation have appealed, but the player still was unable to attend the game. Dent Bayern and Bundesliga players may go into battle. In addition, former Bayern Munich midfielder, cheap fifa coins ps3 also in Germany to play regular defensive midfielder Gustavo ban comeback, they will make every effort to stop Germany qualify. Actually the biggest news is the player's injury, Germany also experienced the pain of losing Royce. Can now do is hope that injuries stay away from the players, the game much better. Track record of the two teams: Brazil 12 WINS, 5 draws and 4 defeats in an absolute advantage. Last World Cup clash, we are deeply impressed, 02 World Cup finals, Ronaldo scored twice to win. Germany, 1:0 smothered France for the knockout, the match Germany showed a high degree of efficiency. This war reserves Brazil home draw in the water dish, Brazil in this World Cup has shown champion, contrary to Germany early enough character, Brazil has a good track record and home field advantage, but are still not in Germany.





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