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Phoenix sports news Beijing time on August 11, Klose, officially announced his retirement from the national team, 36, Klose as Germany made 137 appearances for, scoring 71 goals, in the summer of Brazil at the World Cup, he completed his 16th goal at the World Cup, surpassing Brazil man Cristiano Ronaldo. Following, Phoenix sports for you inventory Klose legend like of team career on March 24, 2001, buy cheap fifa 15 coins for ps4 Klose first times representative Germany team against Albania of game, is one World Cup qualifier, home combat of Germany team in Qian 73 minutes in unexpectedly only and opponents war into 1 1 flat, audience of Boo sound let Rudi Voller again also sat cannot has, he with Klose replaced has Neuville, 15 minutes Hou Klose let full Germany are for he of name cheers, First times team game Klose on to last a minutes of key winning into ball perfect ended 2002 World Cup warm-up in the, Klose to starting identity on Israel (7 1) and Austria (6 2) of game in the continuous staged hat trick, Klose began budding 2002 Han day World Cup, at only 24 age of Klose ushered in has himself of first World Cup of Brigade, Germany of opener opponents is West powerhouse Saudi Arabia, eventually Germany 8 0 massacre opponents, Klose hat-trick in the match against Cameroon, Klose's header that also made him the tournament's goal a few frames in the 5, and ultimately won the silver boot award. Worth noting is that Klose became the first in the World Cup players who scored 5 header, beyond Hungary legend – "God 's" Ke qishi, became the tournament's "Air King" 2006Year Germany World Cup, Klose has been indispensable to be the host of the team's main striker. 28 years old, he was in the peak of my career and outstanding heading ability not only to save Klose's footwork has made great progress. He has maintained a steady scoring efficiency, scoring 5 goals in one fell swoop, and ultimately won the tournament's Golden Boot award. He also set a record, Klose was the first scoring 5 goals in two consecutive World Cup player South Africa World Cup, 32 years old, keluozeyiran was Germany coach Joachim low trust. This Cup he scored 4 ball, especially against Argentina, he staged has scored twice, this let he continuous three session World Cup of total into ball number reached has 14 grain, Chase flat Germany legend striker gaidemule of World Cup scored number, only than Ronaldo keep of 15 ball of World Cup finals circle total scored records less 1 a 2014 Brazil World Cup, in Germany team 7 1 massacre Brazil team of semi-final in the, starting appearances of Klose in 23rd minutes fill shot scored for Germany team expanded score advantage. This grain scored also let Klose to 16 a scored beyond Brazil superstar Ronaldo of 15 a scored became World Cup history Shang of striker of King, he for Germany team of scored number reached 71 grain Brazil World Cup finals, Klose starting appearances, this is he 137th times representative Germany appearances, eventually Germany team battled overtime beat Argentina team, Klose to 16 field victory and Qian Brazil Captain Cafu tied for became World Cup win ball games first people.





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