fifa coins today's game will be tough

Neymar scored 2 goals will probably be more fans in mind, but midfielder Oscar equally deserving of praise. Told Brazil media "Globo" in an interview, fifa coins the Academy is hoping to host can learn lessons from this victory. "We know that today's game will be tough and we lost the ball too early, must be more focused, to reverse them. "Oscar says it will dedicate a newly-born daughter," my daughter was born, this goal is not only to her, but also for my wife and family. ”

Oscar's former Chelsea team-mate Dawei·luyisi said: "I don't think can score did not describe complete games. Croatia is an experienced team, they have great players. But we have gone from a friendly acquired valuable experience in how to deal with this kind of team. Win opener is just a first step, the next game will be more difficult. ”Share: Tencent, Sohu, SINA weibo microblog weibo Baidu, renren is happy I stick microblogging douban fetion

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