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The first 31 minutes, Ronaldinho left out of the free kick, nodding the ball after Dede was saved by Galarza, Damiao shot into the net,cheap wildstar gold but was ruled offside. Brazil is to widen, handed neymar Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho road through balls, neymar side from 9 meters light rubbing before firing into the net, 2:0. 41 minute, yadesong cross from the right was missed by Defender, neymar after point 9 metres left foot to easily push the door score, 3:0 second half, Pato and Sao Paulo striker Osvaldo came off the bench, replaced Damiao and neymar. On 68 minutes, Bolivia left-wing cross, Captain looped the swing high above Moreno missed an opportunity for our team as one of the few. The 74 minute, Moreno angle beam single pole protruding into the right side of the penalty area off the far post!

Substitute Ronaldinho was Palmeiras striker Leandro, Revell took the captain's armband. On 78 minutes, yadesong the edge of the box hit high. Young Fellows Doria replaced Dede was 18 years old. 88 minutes, Osvaldo left a break, the edge of the box shot is Galarza. Added subsection 2 minutes, Paulinho and Pato road continuous passed, Osvaldo area left low biography, Leandro right push network, 4:0 Brazil (4 2 2 2): 1 Jefferson/2 let, 3 Dede (87' Doria), 4 Thunder dimension,, 6 Andre Santos/5 Ralph, 8 insurance Ligneau/7 yadesong, 10 Ronaldinho (77' Leandro)/11 neymar (46' Osvaldo), 9 Damiao (46'7 Pato).





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