fifa 15 coins Player 2-ball 107-day scoring Ronaldo

"Neymar and Alexandre Pato are no longer confused, Brazil in the case of poor performance in defence, with two great strikers broke into the top 8. "The global sports network reviews road. Both strikers scored 2 goals, using a goal-fest announced the return of Samba. Neymar's performance is more laudable than a Pato, 19 year old genius Santos was questioned even more. fifa 15 coins After all, in the transfer market this summer, neymar, but 40 million above the level of a potential blockbuster deal. After a two-game slump, he found himself as the Brazil national team's Supernova, neymar attention than any one national team teammate. Ronaldo, Pelé in the eyes of the "future world", "beilixin successor" and other titles, Dunga did not bring him to South Africa was criticized by domestic media. Righting the player immediately after de Menezes took office, 19 year old to date neymar played 8 times for the national team scoring 5 goals, and low efficiency. But in the America's Cup arena, neymar, exposed many problems, for example, has a passion for solo, too thin the body also made him no advantage in a confrontation that's not neymar scored twice in the national team for the first time, this year's March 27 Brazil friendly match 2-0 against Scotland, he arranged in 2 games. In October of last year Brazil debut against the United States, neymar, debut for Brazil's opener. Counting 0-0 draw with Netherlands, 2-0 victory over Romania match, neymar friendlies played fabulous. But in the Americas Cup tournament, neymar had sunk into mediocrity. This brace, he broke the national team 107Scoring of the day, as well as his national team competition for the first time neymar's opening two goals, Cheap Fifa 15 Coins,Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online helping Brazil go-ahead score, another is for Brazil closed out. This two a scored of meaning quite big, subsection 49 minutes within Malta received Ganso of straight plug, area within push broke help Brazil team 2 1 leading, at Brazil team is has opportunities became b group 1th (Venezuela and Brazil with product 5 points, and net WINS ball, and scored number completely same, mutual record also tied, two team only through draw decided group 1th); and neymar 72nd minutes received Maicon of passing playing into Brazil team 4th ball, Is to ensure that the Brazil team neymar, the top of every brilliant performance were Scouting, in the eyes of Europe's top clubs. Not long ago, Mourinho had publicly, Real Madrid need a striker. Neymar, and budget to buy "gifts," Mourinho's intentions. Ronaldo also persuaded the player more than once earlier in Europe, this way will it be possible to grow up to be first in the world. Brazil coach Menezes using a "carrot and stick" policy set-up neymar, gives him enough credit on the one hand, on the one hand told him: you nothing now, xinbeili? Far from it! Than against Paraguay when losing the ball 10 times, 5 times, only work 3 times, caught 20 passes for 7 turnovers and 1 shot compared to flying, neymar, the game has been a qualitative improvement, 2 shots on goals, and can even play better. Neymar, is convincing talent.





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