cheap wildstar gold Marcelo completed the first ball own goal set up a awkward history

Phoenix sports news Beijing time June 13, 20th World Cup opener in Sao Paulo Corinthians Stadium hosts Brazil against Croatia. Marcelo on 11 minutes into the Brazil squad for the World Cup's first own Dragon, cheap wildstar gold first single-1th World Cup ball is Oolong tea, and it is Boyd after shattering the door following the 1998 Scotland, 2nd opening own-goal in World Cup history.

Much-anticipated 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup kicked off, hosts maintain opener 14-6 flat unbeaten, Brazil team was almost 8 times the World Cup opening match victory, nearly 17 times the opener unbeaten, plus Croatia and Brazil team strength gap, widely regarded as the match Brazil team will win a victory.

Just 11 minutes into the game, however, accurately is 619 seconds, Brazil will take the lead in losing the ball. Olic left, grounder hike through Thiago Silva, ante Jelavic points before his left foot to push did not play, but the ball came over a bit, the ball changed direction, active back in Chase, Marcelo, inadvertently 6 metres left foot in front advancing into their doors.

2014 World Cup first goal was born, as predicted by the outside before the game, the Brazil players scored, but it is the own goal. Honestly Marcelo bad luck, but a mistake, what's interesting is, after representatives of Real Madrid in 198 games, Marcelo never to enter the Black Dragon, and in the finale last season in the Champions League final, Marcelo scored brilliant goals to help Real Madrid win the tenth title.

This goal is the World Cup opener by the host team scored the first own-goal. And only time in the history of the World Cup opener before own-goal, in 1998, then Scottish players Boyd own goal.





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