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Before the game, played the national anthems of both countries, Corinthians arena people sing Brazil national anthem Brazil internationals emotional tears. 46 seconds, Kovacic periphery test-firing their shot the ball of his right foot, which was scored at the World Cup for the first time. The first 5 minutes,buy fifa 15 coins ps3 Corluka knocked down Hulk, this is the World Cup's first foul, Marcelo on the left, around the halfway line penalty free kick Thiago Silva after the ferry, Louise header header a bit less balls confiscated by Pletikosa. The first 7 minutes, peilixiqi the right to send out accurate cross, after Ivica olic beat Alves left header, the ball rebounded slightly after. The first 9 minutes, Paulinho right arc volley and explosive shot, balls rubbed against the Defender's legs flew off the line after 11 minutes, the tournament's first goal occurred, Croatia left wing fought back, Ivica olic after the high-speed dash low cross from the flank grazed the ball before ante Jelavic, points to defend after Marcelo leg will get the ball into his own, 0-1. This is Brazil World Cup finals for the first time own goal gifts, Real Madrid wing-back unfortunately becomes the hapless 16 minutes, Brazil road play the short game, blasting neymar top front right foot, the ball was blocked by Defender again. The first 21 minutes, Paulinho Dain cut into the penalty area, Pletikosa right foot to push the ball off to Croatia goalkeeper parried. The first 22 minutes, neymar line ingenious breakthroughs, low ball will be central, flanked by his team-mates failed to meet before, of the perimeter of the area to follow up an Oscar curve ball in his left foot cross, saved by Pletikosa clawed. 27 minute, neymar in the struggle at the point, raised his elbow hit modric facial, eating the first yellow card of the tournament the 29thMinutes, Brazil team equalised, neymar, meritorious is the Samba star to bite, Brazil around the ball in the team fought back, he caught the ball and DART, top edge open shooting angle, left-footed a low shot rolling balls rubbed up against the right post NET, 1-1.





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