WS Gold these classic moments

Weialai says, in Milan, he received a football player should be provided with all honours: European footballer, FIFA World, African footballer, WS Gold and his outstanding performance helped Milan eventually won the League trophy. This season dimension o most classic of into ball is in home against Lazio of when, near final of when, dimension o incredible of trip ball fast breakthrough, put Lazio four name mouth stare accounts stayed of Defender fell in has behind, scored has winning a ball, and this field game yihou, site issued has European football Mr of trophy that season of Robert Baggio is performance good, also remembers Milan Centennial years album in the, Baggio front received saweiqieweiqi passing goal succeeded yihou of roars did? Remember a 3:1 home victory over Fiorentina in Milan Baggio earlier that three rounds of Premiership matches and scored one goal for later scenes jerseys hanging on the corner flag to celebrate it? For a Milan fan, with these classic moments will never forget. That season, Robert Baggio, WEAH, and Yugoslavs savicevic (ailing's Alen boksic substitute) Trident in the League made up of incomparable scenery, ultimately helping ACMIlan successful Summit Milan in this season's most disappointing perhaps is dropped in Bordeaux in the UEFA Cup. Remember that last season's League Cup experts gathered, many big name teams in it, Barcelona, Wildstar Gold - Cheap Price Fast Delivery and and 100% Safety!! ACMilan, in front of group is the Giants ' practice. ACMilan thrashing his opponent's record seems to have been 18:0, but still one-fourth the final stop at a French teamBordeaux. Milan in home relies on Robert Baggio of two a free kick 2:0 WINS, that when, because AC Milan of defence line too powerful has, so everyone are think Milan in away will playing flat and smooth qualify, however a called Christophe Dugarry of French let Milan dream broken Bordeaux, 0:3 of score ended has Milan in Union Cup in the of journey, and Milan of honors Hall in the has also is missing a seat Union Cup of trophy, I'm afraid this is most unfortunate in this football club centenary Milan, 1996 may be the final glory of the dynasty, in this season, AC Milan in the League's ambition remains the same, Robert Baggio and George WEAH, savicevic and Franco Baresi, Costa, Paolo Maldini, Albertini, Lentini, Alen boksic, Desai, Lee ... For these names in world football, this season's winner's medal will be permanent collections, and memory will be permanently retained. ...





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