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I once naively believed that Lazio President Cragnotti as a child was a sentimentalist who loved football, but by the fact that in these two years I do not mind to use dirty language perception neural castigate me---this feels just like when one finally was his "eye" chenglong rapidly husband cheated out of all the rich old man. fifa 14 coins for sale Cragnotti unexpectedly can do have so "refused" (he does not no to non-sold big-name not of point)---in 2001 summer will veron and Nedved high throws Hou, in this year transfer market is closed Shi, he and "resolutely" to respectively will NESTA and Crespo "let du" Yu Milan double male has---now, in century help Lazio became Italy and full European most photo people soul of team is one of of main hero full exit has around staged with money absurd drama of Rome city. In businessman Cragnotti and once pocketed Hou, Olympic Stadium North stands of Lazio fans and new coach Mancini into has most unfortunately of "pay who" Mancini in players era is Italy football predecessors were rather bullish of "very with coached talent" of "coach embryo child", despite cannot in Florence tide to block this support veteran powerhouse downgraded, but he in Italy football circle of prestige and popularity even even he of veteran Vialli also cannot par---and this, Cragnotti urged Mancini helm back in charge of important reasons. Due to the "442" formations in the Lazio team there are deep-seated influence in the history of the 90 's, therefore, keen to "352"Play of Mancini may had to grievance himself adapted environment has---in goalkeeper location Shang, when rage from inter transfer and to of Qian abroad Angelo peruzzi years has been keep with is good of State; defence line Shang, due to years of core NESTA has left, Netherlands star STAM will and Portugal people Coto common build" double Zhongwei "structure, and left Defender Giuseppe Pancaro and right Defender Negro is" history long "of Gold partner; midfielder aspects, Mancini is may keep" Udinese help " Fiore and Giuliano giannichedda of before and after waist of main location, and Argentina people Sorin to its very strong of attack desire is may was Mancini pushed Shang midfielder left, he of main competition who is just from Chievo came of Manfredini, addition, in right avant-garde location Shang, Yugoslavia people Stankovic and from has downgraded of Verona transfer and to of Otto will started fierce of competition; in striker Shang, because Crespo run Milan, Lopez and new report of Mancini love Enrico Chiesa will provoked burden, And little yingzhaji will be their primary substitutes when everyone finds that Lazio had been "bought down" when their chances came. Remember this summer, last round battle between Inter Milan and Lazio in Serie a you? Crespo and other stars are out of the Lazio team dependent on the chain-like coordinated defense and almost "hit" high performance counter will be aimed squarely at champions Inter Milan 42Beat in the noisy Rome's Olympic Stadium. Mancini should repeatedly watched the match live video---yingdi strategy is almost like that this season they "grab" the only way to win, if they were still standing have the slightest destined to fall's will to survive. And Jaap Stam headed defense and especially good at "anti-anti" tactics of Lopez and Enrico Chiesa for Roberto Mancini provided sufficient grounds for the counter-attack.





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