fifa 14 coins Mei Xixian assists small white broke Barcelona HA weipike 5

On the starting lineup, just return from injury to Pedro sat down on the bench, composed of Messi, fifa 14 coins Andres Iniesta and David Villa in attack, Harvey the play of the last La Liga because of yellow card suspensions, Keita and Javier Mascherano and his hand in midfield, defence is still made up of Daniel Alves, Gerard pique, Sergio Busquets and Adriano bear. And miners aspects starting also and zhiqian difference is unlikely to, just Barcelona on will qigelinsiji no entered starting opening just 94 seconds, Barcelona on made scored, Messi area Qian sent out straight plug, Iniesta people sewing between breakthrough Hou face goalkeeper, easily push goal left Xia angle broke, Barcelona 1 0 leading 6th minutes, William left breakthrough Hou bottom line near a feet like biography like shot was Valdes block out bottom line. The first 10 minutes, Miner cleverly sent out straight, luyisiadeliyanuo get a single chance, but its feet bansuan snooze. The first 12 minutes, luyisiadeliyanuo once again get a single chance, he used a speed eating two Barca centre-back into access to single, but shooting slightly out. The 14 minute, Alves return had almost led to mistakes, Valdes strike outside the penalty area to resolve, William 40 meters direct free shot hanging out again. Then Messi midfielder took it to the use of personal technology serial plate 4 miners with the ball in midfield player entered the penalty area, but his shot was parried by Pippen's back line after 17 minutes, Messi to break through to get up front 25 meters free kick goal does make a lot of tiny flea directly.





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