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41,982 World Cup semi-final:EVE Online ISK France Federal Germany Federal Germany goalkeeper Schumacher and France striker when Batista vie for flagrant fouls, play each other two broken ribs and knocked out three teeth, resulting in poor Batista immediately unconscious, was carried out. Schumacher after the game was dubbed the "butcher" of the title. But if the layoffs by not so bad fouls of any penalty. Final federal Germany by virtue of perseverance miraculously equaliser on several occasions, 3:3 to 120 minutes and penalty to 8:7 out of France, to reach the Cup final and a final runner-up. If Schumacher was sent off, ...

51,986 World Cup one-fourth-finals, Argentina against England's famous hand of God. Argentina superstar in "Anglo-Argentine Falklands" in the sensitive situation in the following, with a handball goal and a wonderful company for too many goals, dispute makes this scene forever classic

6.2002 World Cup group match, Argentina against England race to 44 minutes in the first half, England striker Michael Owen broke through, in the penalty area by Argentina Defender pochettino tripped. Without hesitation, referee Pierluigi Collina on duty liable to a penalty, slow-motion display, pochettino's leg did not play Michael Owen. 1:0 relies on the penalty for England to beat Argentina and the latter out of the top 16.mmoinbox.com Very, very Miss Irving.

71,990 World Cup group match, Argentina for Diego Maradona's hand of the Soviet Union the Soviet team flew the ball into an empty net soon turned out, but referee due to poor positioning, and no decision had been made. In the ensuing game, Argentina showed great strength, with 2:0 force captured Soviet Union.





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