rs gold China was denied two penalties Zheng Yu Hai meritorious guozu 2

Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 2 at 20 o'clock, 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifying round of 20 opening. Men's soccer national team sits in Kunming, China vs the first rival Singapore. After all fighting, the Chinese team 2-1 win over Singapore, Du Liqi in the 32nd minute of the first half steals back scored the game's first goal, Zheng then broke tie on penalties, sea filled shoot go-ahead score. Who achieved the first win the round of heats 20 of guozu will then fly to Jordan vs Jordan team competition began, players of the two teams enter, wearing the red shirt of the Chinese team, Singapore team wore green jerseys. Singapore first tee!

Race to 2 minutes, guozu Singapore made little tie in the forefront area Chen Tao hit the ball to right, Qu Bo crossing by his opponent out, follow up the player flies jumping plugging out the ball crashed into the goal by goalkeeper available. 3 minutes later, Du Liqi played down Chen Tao in the anti-robbing is a verbal warning by referee. The 32nd minute, the Chinese team captain Li Weifeng passing breaks down, Singapore 41 Du Liqi grabbed the veteran, a quick counterattack, guozu backcourt in a 2 vs 1 situation. Singapore's naturalized players in consecutive Huang Qiu Li was China Defender Du Liqi assists, which calm effects shot, Zhi failed to catch, Singapore a 1-0 lead since then, when the race to 42 minutes, Sun Xiang from a corner after the Singapore players out of trouble, perimeter shots hit Chen Tao was in line, the ball hit the goal post! After 1 minute, Li Weifeng got on the perimeter passing header, slightly high ball to the far post of the goal. Injury time after 2 minutes, referee whistles blew half the game ended, guozu 0-1 behind Singapore just started 1 minutes into in the second half, Chen Tao in central midfield against an opponent the heel strikes, plugged in the sea to catch shooting the ball flew off to the sideline.





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