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But,cheap fifa 14 coins ps3 according to FIFA latest game programme, third round entries of 20 support team points document principles will pursuant to July 2011 of FIFA ranked, Qian five bit was as first grade, subsequently five bit (6th 10 name) is as second grade, and so on 20 support team also will was is divided into four a grade, total is divided into 5 group, each group 4 team this a message on "high home army" for quite important. According to AFC prior top 20 competition principles established in, the Chinese men's soccer ranked 16th in Asia. During the final 20 group probably is classified as a 4th gear. But the FIFA official announced the preliminary Asian zone 20Match new balloting programme, the combination is expected to be seeded. Currently in the FIFA rankings, China ranked 5th in Asia, behind only Japan, and Australia, and Korea, and Iran. Score than the 6th Uzbekistan more than 35 points. If you managed to steer clear of enemies, such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, Iran, the Chinese team from the top 20 game in a breakout of probability of success will naturally have many. On June 8, the Chinese Football Association, a staff member at the Olympic Center in Guiyang said in an interview, "if we are really to be seeded, then of course it is a great thing", "but the key is we have to do to prepare for work. "Guozu head coach Gao Hongbo stressed" the grouping principle has not been finalized, cannot distract "," to which we will be grades, to wait until after July qualifiers to know. Some rules changes, we can't focus on it now. "(Guiyang, June 8)





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