fut coins the ball had crossed the goal line as a whole

Line outstanding England again have the last laugh

Speaking of 2010 South Africa World Cup,fut coins the biggest injustice, I'm afraid would be a "battle of Britain and Germany," Lampard that the ball crossed the goal line a half meter were found invalid. And this European Cup, England team was again met door line cold case, but this once, "three lion Regiment" into has beneficiaries 20th England team and Ukraine team a war, dang game for to subsection 62 minutes Shi, Ukraine team players Devic of shooting was England team goalkeeper Qiao Hate-bashing has about, ball immediately changed to fly to goal, last Terry in goal line near put ball kick has out...... Ukraine team members have raised their hands to indicate the ball had the door lines, but whether it is a line judge or umpire, nothing happens. Slow motion television replay showed that the ball had crossed the goal line as a whole, should be fined is valid. Game Hou, England stars Rio Ferdinand in micro-Bo in the wrote: this is we South Africa World Cup that ball of karma 2010 South Africa World Cup Shang of "Lampard grievances" caused has people Portal line ball fined of controversy, this pressure Xia, Europe AFC lead changed enrollment in Champions League League and this European Cup in the additional door line referee, but game most time, door line referee just bit "venues audience", and Dang most needs they played role Shi, is and downtown out has such of jokes. In interval number m, and two eye looks straight at with door line of situation Xia still inaction, wonder fans joke said: Hungary door line referee yisitewanwade then also in "thinking life" related news: Yan Xiaohua: England team of door line life England team actually is a horse dark horse graphic [European Cup] England VS Ukraine England team fans celebration victory blue army iron David contest appearances number super small BellEngland's first men born 1th of England history!http://www.offcoins.com/cheap-fifa-14-coins-ps4-fast-delivery.html Anti-Ronaldo joined the dead person King David to the throne

Britain, the battle of the black ball, is the opposite line system of enormous challenges. In fact, FIFA has introduced in the brewing "line by Hawk-Eye" System. Prior to this European Cup, England and Belgium international team in a warm-up game has started the trial use of this technology, I believe that as technology continues to mature, "line cold case" will become history. Before the FIFA President Joao Havelange that the phrase "miscarriage of Justice is part of the charm of football" famous as the ultimate pursuit of equity, fairness, and era were forgotten.





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