fifa coins trader the Chinese team's performance in the whole round of 20

Say goodbye with a victory,fifa coins trader for only 6 groups in the bottom of the Chinese team, can only be counted as a consolation prize if we look at the Chinese team's performance in the whole round of 20, blind intersection of pessimism and optimism, 6 games, is a "6 teams." Both the pre-game preparation and the performance in the game, can be said to be the national team in the contest with the participation of the most chaotic in recent years. As my predecessor said Lang Xiaonong, Director of the Chinese Football Association League: "Olympic team, lightweight national team, major, without distinction as to lead the national team to form chaos, preparing for the disorder, is the important reason for the failure of this round of 20. If we can truly prepare for work, at least not for this result. ”

Two-time World Cup qualifier group stage are not fielded by stigma records record China's worst results since the soccer World Cup qualifier. Watched by Chinese football as "whitewashed" Bahrain and the U.A.E. football team has successfully got 10 tickets for the game, gradually bottoming out on the status of the Chinese men in Asian football, was nothing short of a third class standard. Test of new beginnings





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