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However,buy fifa 14 coins the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reached Guangzhou evergrande, which was the first time. In addition to the influence of furniture glass, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reached Guangzhou evergrande is another reason was that Morocco Embassy was a "small Hall", and Morocco is a Muslim country, so the Ministry would like to be able to provide help, watching fans to maintain good order. Follow evergrande expedition one of the largest number of fans this year's AFC Champions League final first leg, evergrande's visit Seoul, games, game, watching Chinese fans nearly 10,000 people in Seoul. But because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Korea Embassy was "Grand Hall", more staff, while Korea and not many things about the customs, so that competition does not "disturb" the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unsolicited help for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, evergrande has expressed its gratitude, currently of evergrande's work is carried out in an orderly manner. In accordance with evergrande's past practices, in addition to and contact the local Embassy, they will get in touch with their local Chamber of Commerce. Through the local Chamber of Commerce, organized local Chinese as much as possible to the scene to watch as evergrande to refuel. It is understood that Morocco's Chinese population at about 2000 people, of which more than 500 people belonging to fishing companies, this season, fishery workers in fishing. In constant competition city of Agadir, fewer Chinese, probably at around 200. Reporters learned from the travel agency news, this time to Morocco cheering home fans number at around 100.





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