fifa coins Portugal was also able to race through

Portugal play-off spree worthy of even 3 Contest Promotion record

Super incredible hat-trick for Ronaldo Portugal sent to the Brazil World Cup,fifa coins Portugal was also able to race through for 3 consecutive play-off final laps. This is the first time in the football world, Portugal was well deserved playoff spree. Red Army tended to qualify via the play-offs history is not too difficult. Just as the Marca newspaper described as "manifestations in a play-off proves Portugal powerful and Brazil champion forget Ronaldo lead Portugal! ”

On the way to Brazil's World Cup on the way, due to the teams racing teams record the ups and downs and eventually Portugal only ranked Russia zhihou, 2nd of the second group, and came to the play-offs. Strong Viking Sweden became Portugal to Brazil the last obstacle, facing Sweden's frantic provocations, Portugal have been proven playoff spree status, two rounds of 4:2 still, Ronaldo one of 4 ball dominated from the 2010 South Africa World Cup start, Portugal trip to the contest and the play-offs produced a chemical reaction. 2010 South Africa World Cup qualifiers in group play, Portugal was in the Group of death and eventually ranked Denmark zhihou, get 2nd, getting a play-off places. While team 3rd place was Sweden, once Sweden first because Portugal qualify for the World Cup. And the next thing on the play-offs, Portugal facing Bosnia, both two-legged confrontation, Portugal won a 1:0 victory, and later South Africa World Cup, Portugal lost to eventual winners Spain next on Euro 2012,

Ronaldo lead Portugal group game only came in Denmark zhihou, continued to beat play-off rivals remained in Bosnia, under 0:0 the first leg, second leg in Ronaldo's headed, Portugal 6:2 Kuangsheng opponents still. On the final of the European Cup, Portugal once again lost to eventual champion Spain teams from the 2010 South Africa World Cup starts, to Euro 2012 to 2014 Brazil World Cup, Portugal play-off trip to all clearance achievements have been made, this is the first time in world football. And cannot be ignored, even if competition is to qualify via the play-offs, but Portugal's strength should not be taken lightly. In a continuous battle in several sessions of the competition, Portugal lost to rivals became the last champion or runner-up in particular, Portugal has a height of Ronaldo, Brazil at the World Cup, Ronaldo will play. As the Marca newspaper, describes the "God-like Ronaldo, he alone would Portugal sent to Brazil's World Cup, but at this point he is Portugal's national hero. Perhaps the Globes do not necessarily belong to him, but he has become every Portugal fans of superheroes. "Of course, Ronaldo gave Portugal a playoff spree again as is verified, but Sweden became a loser.





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