fifa 15 coins Brazil World Cup IX, innovation and technology

In 1934, the station began to broadcast live the soccer World Cup for the first time. In 1954, television was used to broadcast the football World Cup for the first time, but only on video. In 1958, the fifa 15 coins 6th World Cup for the first time on television, fans all over the world via satellite signals to watch the game. In 1970, the 9th World Cup there have been competitions to accommodate television, some change in the heat of the game at 12 o'clock noon in 1974, 10th World Cup, the Germans introduced color television for the World Cup in 1978, 11th World Cup in 96 countries and regions around the world, 1.2 billion people have access to the World Cup event. China part big city of fans, first times sat home in the insight has World Cup 2002, 17th session World Cup first using has more signal broadcast, part games using has HD signal, first in goal of net Shang installation has camera 2006, wireless ear wheat began first times entered World Cup, first times used RFID tickets, first times used mobile fingerprint identification system for security work, first times used HD digital TV format for broadcast said up technology power World Cup, Is grew up with technology rather than the Fifa 15 Coins Trader, Buy Cheap Fifa 14 Coins Online, Enjoy Instant delivery!! This Brazil World Cup, in addition to traditional television technology, counterterrorism technology has also joined a large number of people can see the true technique, which makes this contest became one of the most "tech" World Cup. However, the referee failed to see the ball land in the distance, found the goal, England team lost the final big score system was installed on a steel frame above the pitch 14 high-speed cameras, shooting 500 frames per second, with 5Mm accuracy record of the goal area. Matching image processing software images of players and referees to filter every 2 millisecond (1 MS =0.001 seconds) to locate the position of a ball in a 3D space game, once the ball crossed the line, GoalControl system to make and send an instruction immediately. Special electronic form will shake the referee's wrist, blinking, reminding the goal, and minimizes errors. In addition, the camera will store all images and related events are scored, for later playback in the early morning of June 14 in a group b match, certainly on fire GoalControl system for the first time: the 61st minute, Chile player Vargas Jet goal, Australia Centre-half Wilkinson on the goal-line clearance. GoalControl system appears, the ball does not cross the goal line, the referee is right in his decision on June 16 group e match France against Honduras in the second half of the match, bounced back after Benzema's shot hit the goal post, Honduras keeper fished the ball out, but goal-line technology shows Benzema's shot resulting in Ernesto Perez Balladares own own-form goal. Funny thing is, the referee after the goal, Honduras team coach Luis Suarez was highly dissatisfied with don't seem to trust the technology. Subsequently, the France coach Didier Deschamps "enthusiasm" for him to get to know some will disappear into a spray at this World Cup, judges hand out a small pot like shaving foam. After the award a free kick, the referee will use the little pots spewing a white foam cord and demanded defensive wall never crossed the white line that's "wall of spray". Football matches, to make difficult for free throws, formed a human wall of defensive players often do not follow a recent 9.15-meter wall distance requirements, always wanted to move forward together in a cou. Earlier, the wall is "standards" depend on the referee's experience and vision; today, the referee just painted white line, defensive players would be difficult to "mating" in addition, the spray can also be used to qualify the location of set-pieces. Offensive players after winning the set piece opportunities, like when the referee wasn't looking, threw the ball forward a few meters, "Arch-arch" in order to shorten the distance between himself and the goal. REF simply spray painted a circle, the player just took place the penalty "wall spray" is a kind of dissipating spray (Vanishing Spray). It can disappear on their own within 1 minute and will not have adverse effects on competition.

fifa coins PS4 the World Cup due to injury

Missed the opener after an extra rest, ASO has gear up for battle of life and death: "everything I have done what I must do, do not waste any second of fifa coins PS4 rehabilitation time is now hundred percent recovery, training with the team again, and feel good. I never lost my desire for the game, I would never think I'd missed the World Cup due to injury. "The business of ASO in the Premier League and straight talk on the British Sun cooked the way:" I know all the people in England, including Liverpool teammates and other players in the Premier League. Their defense has a weakness, we can take advantage of. If we want to qualify, they will have to play our style, the whole team looking to help the team move on. ”

Group c battle tomorrow morning, is also "" aligned first battle defeated Japan and Greece must win the World Cup-anterior. Overall performance on the blue Samurai battle with politeness, in the face of offensive and defensive average Greece can watch half a line. Japan core Ji Tianma agreed that speed into the critical: "Greece defended well well, the outcome is critical to as soon as possible into the wave, line so they need to be pushed forward so that we can play more aggressive. ”

Japan defeated short three minute went against Côte d ' Ivoire-2:1 qualifying for worrying. This fight will have to beat Greece, began qualification opportunities. But Japan never rude, just to keep the ball at the feet, Keisuke Honda and Kagawa more offense to complement, not difficult to tear Greece defense. Keisuke Honda play lose key: "we too easily losing possession of the ball on, led in the first half and consumed an inordinate amount of physical strength. So when we keep the ball, you want to do is not easily hand over possession of the ball; once lost possession of the ball, we want to close down immediately. ”

Ivory Coast apparently has not used 433 men, playing against WINS Japan 2:1, but Veteran striker Didier Drogba fell before closing, without breaking the law, it is obvious "wow" still matter. Even so, coach Lin Mazhi is satisfied with the status of the team, suggesting opportunities for micro-, Defender k Duni continued as a backup, "wow" is power forward continues to be replaced by Bonnie and slave partner Xie Yun, may well be left to competition late fall game and then bombarded the defence. To implement this strategy after the left front bucket, y Duni elephants midfielder, striker, Xie Yun slavery could be seen playing and compete with State Golden brother army, will become the key to victory or defeat "Warcraft" Didier Drogba is backing disappointed: "I do not deny that, not being selected was disappointed. But I will respect and support for those who are playing team-mates. When I fall, I only wanted to help the team win. Obtain a first win is very important: If this victory win over Colombia, will qualify to be very favourable. ”

fifa coins for ps3 Brazil World Cup race color France repair clockmaker Italy aims at Bida

Yesterday morning Spain and lost one, can early set tickets returned to home, "red cattle" group game out does Department a accident, as lost wave causes certainly has many factors, which only General have attack well General have keep, on Department maximum mortally wounded, may does years "fifa coins for ps3" strong is too sheng, so on live any team are Department pressure live opponents me attack, thus ignored defensive importance, encountered opponents fast counterattack, seems to is nothing, Parry weak. So any a top team in the world, is perfect, and nowadays football regardless of the ever-changing tactics and deployment. Points are good, out fait accompli, hopes last one on live "" kicked Encores good wave tomorrow morning e group has field topped war, by Switzerland on France, both opener are can beat opponents, Switzerland anti-WINS Ecuador does won very has shipped, situation Shang occupies well to any count, always players overall quality still not to European line team location though a small posted scholar everyone, Switzerland coach xisifeite has always been count is fine, well excluded this war will slightly made left force, beats last one war strength weaker post Honduras. France strength is in Switzerland, plus the first man with the opponent, full of morale, France hemispheres

/A ball, holds "Gao Luxiong chicken" at least can practice half disc ignoring go chicken missed South Africa World Cup of Ecuador success returned to finals week battlefield, first battle met Shang Switzerland bucket to finished field Qian only was Shi Fei Luoyu scored winner ball, "food Ginkgo" Hou this battle more important, after all last one to hard shake was considered e group strength most strong of France, this battle must let go a beats. By effectiveness United of Valencia hold, again gang took near two battle are has into ball of e Valencia, main, to defensive capacity more weak of Honduras defence police procedurals, target full take three points experience opener of reversed, Ecuador coach radar told all will out of haze: "we has no time to sad, front has has another one events waiting we, everyone to continues to forward, Honduras has good of organization capacity, this battle will will is fierce. ”


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