FUT coins Spain is the best team in the world

Foshan daily news recently when attending official events of the South American Libertadores Cup,www.mmoinbox.com "Pele," Spain team reviews, his "Matador Regiment" is big plus praise, but he also joked: "as long as I'm playing, then the 1970 Brazil national team can beat this Spain team. ”

Bailey said: "this day, Spain is the best team in the world. He won the last World Cup and, most recently, 2 European Cup champions, they have become the target. "But Pele also says:" if I go, then the 1970 Brazil team will be able to overcome today's Spain team, that's for sure. "Pele believes 1970 Brazil team is the best team in history," each age is different, and each player has their own moments. But if it took Spain team with 70 Brazil compared before Netherlands team with 70 Brazil compared this description, and as the officially sanctioned by FIFA, the 1970 Brazil team is the best team in history. ”

Bailey constantly praised the 1970 Brazil team: "as long as there is this in contrast to our team, it means there is one team worse than 1970 Brazil team better. Of course, I also need to point out, this is a Spain team played the best. I really like their football practice, in my view, we support Brazil has more personal hero, able to single-handedly dictate the players better than Spain more, Spain only 2 players, 3. ”

"Who in the Spain team performance the most prominent? Xavi and Andres Iniesta. It must be recognized, a team to be great, you can't rely on one or two players. 1970 Brazil team's greatest success was the victory of the team, we're a tight team, and now Spain. Spain football is full of total football, play nice, watch Spain football feast for the eyes, fans can enjoy fun, team unity, began to attack from the backcourt. ”

fifa ultimate team coins Fold two guozu really hurt is not new in the warring States period foot does not give up

Reporter (reporter Wang Fan ye) adds wounded guozu House leaks every night raining tomorrow,fifa ultimate team coins guozu Singapore conduct the 2014 Brazil World Cup fifth round match of the Asian qualifying round of 20 games for China and Singapore are already without too much pressure. Singapore in Qian four round game in the four war are negative, has ahead of was eliminated, and guozu is in away lost Iraq zhihou, basic missed 10 strong game related news: guozu Singapore begged WINS is by no means hereafter Singapore game Qian stance force spell win guozu arrived new all fans received machine encourages internationals: really sorry they "zombie" guozu continues to chicken of Brigade Alihan: one or two field victory saved can't life China football no outlet strength Li Weifeng said guozu defeated wrong in opinion players body back heavy burden

Yesterday night, guozu for has arrived in Singapore zhihou of first fame training class, but this training let team somewhat torments due to weather, guozu of training also only in rain in the for, worth a mention of is, jialanbeisaer stadium is artificial turf, as game with to will and natural turf has is big of difference, guozu also needs as soon as possible adapted such of new situation but, on in yesterday of training in the, guozu suddenly and new Tim has two name wounded Feng Renliang early in expedition zhiqian of xianghe training in the on has has hurt in body,http://www.mind-game.co.uk/cheapest-fifa-14-ultimate-team-xbox-360-coins-for-sale.html A training session yesterday, he will face pain in a face-off on the ground, unable to get up and finish, Feng Renliang were teammates on the back of the bus, it is understood that his injuries were severe. Another injured player Wu Xi, he sprained his ankle in a confrontation. Guozu has wounded many, which makes travel with foot control center Deputy Director Yu Hongchen was annoyed with the Emperor guozu lose lose against Singapore a war despite having little significance, but the players have said they will not give up "us with brave attitude to face the competition as a challenge to us, must not give up. "Yu Hanchao (microblogging), represent the opinions of all the players, and adhere to the final two games in the top 20 games, is the only things that can be done guozu.


fut coins the ball had crossed the goal line as a whole




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