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What we feel is going to interview luofutuosi Stadium in Pretoria.fifa coins trader Due to the tight in schedule, we drove to this city just in time for Saturday's rest day, wanted to see what the pitch man, didn't realize there was still tension construction. A site owner tells us: "because of the tight, we have abandoned the rest day must be completed ahead of the duration. "Luofutuosi golf course, founded in 1903, as South Africa has a long history of stadium was renowned. Only for internal renovations, while maintaining its unique style of the times, making it glow with youth, our last stop is Cape Town, a city which is why we have been longing for. Not only is known as "Lord's table" table mountain, India intersection of ocean and Atlantic Cape and, in recent years football has become a business card. It owns two South Africa Premier League teams, of which one is to play European clubs Ajax Amsterdam in South Africa satellite Club Ajax Cape Town. South Africa star McCarthy, Mokena, Ponar etc, are all from here to Europe's major leagues. A green shootout field projects under construction, will become a landmark of the city's new green shootout was in the original new multi-purpose Stadium next to the old stadium, and the old stadium has been converted into a new stadium and propaganda base for the World Cup, with South Africa and Cape Town Football Hall of the exhibition room, catering, video, and so on. Walked into the reception centre, one would see the World Cup slogan: "in 2010, with the African continent", make people feel at home. Reception centre spokesman Peter Krobia enthusiastically accepted our interview. First, he said, is an honor to receive Chinese visitors for the Beijing Olympics were held and specifically told us: "we were impressed by the Beijing's bird's nest, also very enlightening for us to build a new stadium. "He explained that the new stadium faces the sea and right lean on the table mountain, located in Cape Town's most beautiful places, so in stadium design and the natural landscape on a coordinated, they are harmoniously integrated. The stadium was built for 18 months, with a total investment of 4.5 billion rand (about more than 400 million US dollars), the current overall placement has finished, planned next year for completion in December. The stadium capacity for 70,000 people, is South Africa's second largest stadium, World Cup finals and semifinals will be held including one-fourth a total of eight games. Functional design, the stadium will host the Rugby and cricket competitions in the movie halls, hosts for broadcast on the stadium's feature film content from design to construction of the scene as well as after the completion of the three-dimensional dynamic scene. Not only have we seen a magnificent building and enjoy the beautiful night lights snap out of sight. That makes us think of bird's nest and water cube night scene, and its reflection in the sea, there are more exotic.


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